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Student Walkouts
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Student Walkouts

Student Walkouts

Student Voice

We know our students may be affected by events in our community. Families and caregivers should know that MPS respects students' First Amendment right to free speech and to peacefully assemble. A process should  be  in  place  as part of a  school wide  positive  engagement plan  for students  and families  to  share  concerns without fear of reprisal. Regular meetings should  be  held  for students and  administration  so the  students can  feel connected  to decisions  that impact their education. We understand that at times, students across the city may participate in walkouts or protests.

Safety Info for Families and Caregivers

We do, however, need to maintain some protocols around these actions in order to protect the rights and safety of all staff and students. When MPS is aware of a high possibility of a walk out, families and caregivers are informed so they can help their student choices for their education and their safety. If your child is considering some form of civic action, please speak with them about how they can stay safe and abide by these policies at their school.

The MPS practice is that if students leave school property, they will not be able to return to the school for the remainder of the day or participate in afterschool activities – and they will receive an unexcused absence, unless there are special circumstances. If students  leave  the  building,  but  do not leave  grounds,  they  can  be  asked  to  leave  only  when  their continued  presence  creates a  significant disruption  to the  educational environment.   While  the  administration  will  not be  disciplining  students for protesting/demonstrating,  any  other infractions that take  place  during  the  protest/demonstration will  be  addressed  in  accordance  with  standard  practice.

Students under 9th grade wishing to participate in a walk out  will  be  required  to follow  normal sign-out procedures for their school  building, requiring  sign  out by  a  parent or previously  authorized  adult,  or written  permission  in  advance  from  an  authorized  parent  or  guardian. If students refuse  to comply  with  the  request to follow  protocol, parents shall be called  prior to students  leaving  if possible.