About Emergency Management
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About Emergency Management

About Emergency Management
The following outlines the steps that Minneapolis Public Schools has or will take in the event of an emergency:

Ready - Preparing for and preventing emergencies are the first steps.  

Action steps for prevention include mitigating potential hazards:

  • Knowing the physical layout of the building you are in
  • Having clear lines of communication
  • Promoting anti-bullying and positive behavior in schools and in your work environment
  • Knowing and establishing relationships within the community and neighborhood

Action steps for preparedness focus on developing:

  • Site and department emergency plans
  • All staff should have the awareness on how to respond to these key procedures:  Lockdown, Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place
  • All staff are responsible for understanding policies and protocols
  • Understand and follow Incident Command Systems (PDF)
  • Trainings, exercises and full staff participation required on State of Minnesota mandated drills for potential emergencies

Respond - Response means taking action to effectively contain and resolve the crisis.

Action steps for response include:

  • Activate the Emergency Management Plan
  • Activate your Site Emergency Plan
  • Activate the Site Emergency Team (SET) within your building
  • Follow direction from the person in charge; the Incident Commander
  • Maintain constant, accurate communication with staff, students and families
  • Triage injuries to those who need it

Recover - The recovery phase assists students, staff and the families in the healing process after a crisis, and restores educational operations in schools.

Action steps to recovery include:

  • Access the District Recovery Team by calling Martha Rosen at 668-5443
  • Return to the "business of learning" as quickly as possible
  • Assess long- and short-term emotional needs
  • Conduct daily briefings to keep staff, students and families informed
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